Bamboo Architecture in Competition & Exhibition

Bamboo FrontBy Robert Henrikson
and David Greenberg
May 15, 2011.

Fascinating bamboo buildings and architectural designs from around the world from the International Bamboo Building Design Competition, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and several other competitions and exhibitions.

150 pages, full color, 8″x10″
ISBN 1453854967
Available at

Architects and designers from 64 countries submitted 250 designs in 12 building categories such as family houses, urban buildings, emergency shelters, commercial and public buildings, pavilions, and even tree houses. The buildings use bamboo and other natural building materials, and range from modest to majestic, commercial to humanitarian, and practical to fanciful. The results are exciting and innovative, providing a fresh outlook for the possibilities for using bamboo to build a new green world. At the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, great architects showcased bamboo in eight remarkable pavilions, demonstrating the contribution bamboo can play in a better life.

Bamboo backBamboo Architecture Chapters

1. Introduction
2. International Bamboo Building Designs Competition Prize Winners
3. Bamboo Buildings from the Competition
4. Bamboo Designs from the Competition
5. Bamboo Architecture at the Shanghai World Expo 2010
6. INBAR Bamboo Competition
7. Woven Worlds Exhibition in Germany
8. Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition
9. Author Biographies

“David Greenberg, who has designed some of the most unique treehouses on the planet, has teamed up with Robert Henrikson to produce an encyclopedia of bamboo designs. There are 100s of photos and designs from two international bamboo building design competitions, as well as photos of 8 pavilions built principally of bamboo at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. A wealth of ideas and inspiration for architects and designers on using this beautiful and sustainable building material.” -Lloyd Kahn, Shelter Publications.

About The Authors
RobertRobert Henrikson was the creator and director of the International Bamboo Building Design Competition (, and the former CEO of a leading company building certified, code-approved bamboo buildings.

Robert has been a green business entrepreneur for over 30 years in sustainable development business models for algae, bamboo and natural resources. He is a consultant on business development, branding, sales and marketing, advising companies and investors in algae ventures. (

In 2011 he launched the International Algae Competition ( A Global Challenge to Design Visionary Algae Food and Energy Systems.  He authored “Spirulina World Food” in 2010, previously “Earth Food Spirulina”, translated in 6 international editions. (

Robert is a photographer ( and documentary filmmaker, and produced the DVD series Folding Time and Space at Burning Man ( Co-Owner of Hana Gardenland, botanical paradise retreat in Hana Maui ( and Wild Thyme Farm, a sustainable forestry and permaculture farming eco-community near Olympia Washington. (

DavidDavid Greenberg is trained as an architect and urban designer. He spends half his time in Maui and half in China in pursuit of Sustainable Ruralism, an integrated approach to helping rural culture in an ecological way.

He is associated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ecological and Environmental Division as a board member of Intecopolis and gives lectures throughout major Chinese cities on ecological matters. He has spent the last few years working in Shenzhen consulting with a nationwide think tank, China Development Institute (CDI), and the local government on ecological development.

As a consultant on designing with bamboo for INBAR he has lectured world wide, created exhibits and promoted creativity with bamboo on four continents in the belief that it is one of the important paths for a low carbon future. For over 10 years, much of his practice has involved eco-tourism projects.

Greenberg is most famous for some of his treehouse designs especially “The Big Beach in the Sky” at the Nanshan Buddhist Culture Zone near Sanya on Hainan Island. He authored the book “Treehouses in Paradise – fantasy designs for the 21st Century”, an Abrams book. He loves to think of himself first and foremost as a 21st Century Renaissance man with a bamboo staff.


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2 Responses to “Bamboo Architecture in Competition & Exhibition”

  1. Iasef Md Rian Says:

    Dear Sir,

    My design ‘Fractal Pavilion (1267)’ for 2007 competition was selected in the list of 50 finalists. I want to know that has my entry ‘Fractal Pavilion’ been included in your book ‘Bamboo Architecture: In Competition and Exhibition’? If yes, then can I refer your book as my work chaptered in book?
    Thanking you and looking forward to your kind reply.

    Kind Regards,
    Iasef Md Rian

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